Who are we

The Union Innovation Hub (the Hub) helps unions achieve growth, efficiency and impact by fast tracking progress and reducing the cost of digital and other innovation.

Owned and supported by the ACTU, the Hub leverages the movements size to reduce costs, utilises best of breed software supported by experts in the field, and fast tracks innovation through sharing.

The Hub only exist to support a self-selected group of unions and other progressive groups achieve growth and have a positive impact for workers and society.


What we do

The Union Innovation Hub (HUB) helps unions build the infrastructure and skills required to:

  • Improve retention
  • Grow in new areas
  • Achieve back end efficiency
  • Turbo charge organising and campaigning


iMIS for Unions

Although every union will have a unique iMIS system, the Union Innovation Hub has created the iMIS for Unions template with many union-based functionalities. This will significantly reduce the costs of construction and will continue to be enhanced.

The iMIS for Unions template has been built by union people for Unions. The staff, organisers portals and modern, engaging and dynamic website, will change the way you engage your members.


Our Services

Group Buying Power

Access to a modern CRM system, iMIS and other tools such as marketing automation, form builders, online communities, and lower bank processing fees.

Reduced Construction Costs

The build time is dramatically reduced, as many requirements are met through the use of the ‘iMIS for Unions’ template and the hub charges labour rates rather than consulting rates.

Fast track progress

Fast track progress, reduce cost and ensure unions get the most out of the system by the Hub, through collaboration, exchange, training and mentoring.