iMIS for Unions

Although every union will have a unique iMIS system, the Union Innovation Hub has created the iMIS for Unions template with many union-based functionalities. This will significantly reduce the costs of construction and will continue to be enhanced. Features include:

  • A browser-based staff portal
  • A browser-based organiser portal
  • Member management
  • Union specific member demographics
  • Site mapping
  • Pre-built reports at site, organiser and global level including:
    • Financial / Unfinancial lists
    • Mapping
    • Site visits
    • Prospects
    • Density
  • ROE management
  • Basic Case management
  • Basic Call management
  • Website template
  • Member / Activist portal template
  • Site meeting tracking
  • Upcoming Site visit management for organisers and members

There are alternative modern Customer Relationship Management systems or Membership Management Systems on the market. The real benefit, in addition to the features of iMIS, is the concept of the Hub, where unions work together to dramatically reduce the costs of entry, and progress is supported by central expertise, at no cost to the union.

About iMIS

Many unions have assessed options and moved to or are moving to iMIS is best.

ASI, the developers of iMIS, have extensive experience with not-for-profit member-based organisations with over 4,000 clients globally. They have been around for over 28 years, have local service support, are a large company with over 200 staff, financially secure, and have been ranked the number 1 CRM for associations and membership bodies.

iMIS is more than a CRM. One of the best features of iMIS is the integrated CMS system (website). It fuses database management and web publishing in a single cloud-based engagement management system. It has a built-in scoring engine to help measure and maximise engagement.

The specifications: iMIS is developed with industry-standard Microsoft technology, powered by Microsoft Azure, and certified as ‘PCI-Validated’ by independent auditors – the highest level of security possible. The iMIS staff administrative console is 100% accessible on any device and very easy to learn and use. iMIS can create an excellent user experience, with mobile-responsive interfaces. iMIS also includes configurable dashboards so you can measure performance with real-time measurement of KPIs.