What We Do

Through new technology, thought leadership, sharing of innovation and leveraging buying power the Hub helps unions retain members, improve organising and campaigning, be more efficient and grow.

The Hub harnesses the benefits of the collective. Because we ‘Hub’ unions, innovation is shared, and the buying power leveraged for better outcomes.  We help each other, supported by central expertise. We access new technology and processes and bring together a ‘user group’ of those currently utilising or planning a move onto the customer relationship system, iMIS. We find better and lower cost solutions. Staff are trained and supported. Union leaders are supported to drive change. Progress is faster and the cost of achieving digital innovation is reduced.

How we do it

The Union Innovation Hub (the HUB) helps unions build the infrastructure and skills required to:

  • Improve retention
  • Grow in new areas
  • Achieve back end efficiency
  • Turbo charge organising and campaigning

This is achieved by:

  1. Using group buying power to significantly reduce licence fees and other costs
    • Access to a modern CRM system, iMIS, including an integrated website CMS system and access to many modules and features that normally cost extra
    • Access to integrated products at competitive prices, including
      • Email and marketing automation system – Higher Logic Communications
      • Form builder
      • Integration of emails
      • Learning management system
      • Online communities

  2. Significantly reducing the construction costs (by as much as one third) because
    • The build time dramatically reduces as a template ‘iMIS for Unions’ has been built, configuring what most unions need so that the build is then limited to the unique aspects for that union (the iMIS for Unions is available to unions at no cost
    • The labour cost for the build is dramatically reduced as the HUB will employ experts for the build phase (wages instead of consultancy rates)

  3. Fast track progress, reduce cost and ensure unions get the most out of the system by the Hub:
    • Facilitating meeting and online networks of key staff
    • Identifying key projects and minimising duplication
    • Sharing enhancements between unions
    • Training of in-house analysts who continue to improve the system (largely eliminating the need for ongoing use of external consultants)
    • Hub experts support the change process and mentor, train and support union staff (drawing on capacities in the ACTU)
    • Facilitate ongoing collaboration, exchange, training and sharing.

  4. Reduce costs and develop new services and initiatives through:
    • avoiding duplication and facilitating the deliver of services across unions
    • developing new services
    • facilitating the exchange of service

If you choose the Hub you are choosing so much more than a modern database customer relationship system.