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Empowering Australian workers through the Collective Spirit & Collaborative Energy of Unions

The ‘Rise!’ discussion paper provides new insight into how unions can adapt to the modern operating landscape and emerge stronger than ever before. It provides innovative yet practical ways for unions to grow so they can more effectively empower Australian workers. [Full paper]

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ACTU Support

The Australian Trade Union Institute

The Australian Trade Union Institute is the centre for providing education, collaboration and research for Australian unions. It is focused on providing cutting-edge training and education, undertaking research that furthers the interest of workers.
Powered by the ACTU, the Australian Trade Union Institute gives union members and officials the opportunity take part in workshops and training. In addition, the institute also acts as a network for sharing ideas and strategies between unions.

ACTU Futures Network

The Futures Network has been established by the ACTU to facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas and learning among unions in relation to innovation and growth. The Futures Network:

  • Fosters and facilitates collaboration and the learning of new techniques to increase membership, focusing on failing and learning fast in the pursuit of growth.
  • Encourages the application of a suitable methodology and reporting on projects so the right lessons are learned.
  • Brings together innovations from across the movement to ensure the pollenisation of best practice and learning.

The Futures Network distributes a regular email newsletter on growth, innovation and the work of unions who are part of the Futures Network. You can subscribe to this newsletter here:

ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit

The ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit (ABIU) has recently been established to assist unions to use best practice when exploring, designing, implementing and evaluating growth projects. The vision of the unit is for a union movement with an ingrained culture of evidence-based and behaviourally informed experimentation. The ABIU team can assist unions with advice on how to structure growth projects so they can best understand the problem they face, or behaviour they want to change, design effective experiments to test ideas, and determine whether or not they have worked.
If you think ABIU may be able to assist you, please contact Dr Kristy Jones at [email protected]


Strategic Membership Solutions

Strategic Membership Solutions (SMS) specialises in strategy, sponsorship and membership support for associations and unions. SMS assistance is tailored to your needs and budget with a focus on insightful ideas and practical, workable solutions. There team can assist with anything from a couple of hours of discussions to working with you on longer-term projects. Contact them for an obligation-free discussion about how they can assist you.
[email protected]