Frequently Asked Questions

The Hub and Definitions

What is a CRM?

The CRM technology helps manage all the union’s relationships and interactions with members, potential members and other stakeholders. The CRM system also helps unions stay connected to members and potential members and streamlines backend processes. iMIS has an in-built Content Management System (CMS)-a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content and websites. Coupling the CMS with the CRM can enable a truly dynamic and personalised website experience for each member.

What is iMIS?

A critical mass of unions have moved to iMIS, a modern customer relations management (CRM) system with integrated customer management system (CMS), owned by ASI. ASI are a global company and market leader in the not for profit membership space and are continually developing and improving the product.

What is the Union Innovation Hub?

The Union Innovation Hub is a user group of self-selected unions are embarking on a journey for digital innovation and sustained growth, with the use of best of breed software, iMIS and experts in the field.

What is the purpose of setting up the Union Innovation Hub?

The Union Innovation Hub exists to help unions retain members and improve organising through the use of new technology and other innovation, to grow their unions.

How will this be achieved?

The Hub will reduce the cost and fast track participating union’s progress to digital innovation critical to improved retention, recruitment and campaigning. The Hub will support union leaders and staff involved in the change process through collaboration, exchange, sharing, help, training and mentoring. The cost of developing new services and initiatives will be reduced through avoiding duplication of projects, exchange and collective purchasing.

Why is ACTU supporting this initiative?

The ACTU has pivoted to growth. When building the ACTU Growth Plan one of the key requests from affiliates, out of the consultations conducted in late 2019, was the need to share resources, expertise and innovate with technology. Affiliates expressed a strong desire to maximise the use of modern database technology. They wanted solutions which recognise all affiliates do not have the internal resources necessary to take the advantages of digital innovation. They also recognised the significant savings and benefits arising from a collective approach.

How does it support union leaders?

Union leaders want to achieve growth and have greater impact. They know digital and other innovation is essential. They want the opportunity to get together, find better solutions, help each other, be encouraged and supported. They know transforming their unions alone is tough and expensive.

How will we know the Hub is successful?

The participating unions are growing and have impact. The digital technology and related skills are enablers. Progress is quicker and at lower cost than if each union went on their own.

Who owns the Hub, how is it financed and do any staff have any commercial interests?

The Hub is set up as a company owned by the ACTU.

The Hub is financed by a combination of ACTU start-up funding, fees to construct the iMIS systems and rebates or commissions from some of the suppliers. Any deal with suppliers/vendors that provides a rebate or commission must first provide transparent and genuine discounts to unions. All rebates or commissions will flow back into the Hub and are used to ensure it can remain viable and continue to provide valuable services to all unions, with the goal of supporting innovation and ultimately achieving growth in the union movement.

Staff are paid a wage, receive no commissions and there are no staff with any commercial interest.

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