New Services

The Hub is utilising the benefits of the collective to help unions:

  • Build or exchange new member benefits and services
  • Do deals to reduce costs through group buying

New member benefits and services

The Hub is putting together new member services to improve the value proposition for members and potential members including:

  • Market rate information
  • Career services
  • Professional development
  • Member savings

Group deals

The Hub is always looking to utilise our collective buying power to do deals in the interest of unions.

The Hub has negotiated a range of group deals which provide significant savings for unions and have the benefit of being integrated with iMIS

  • Higher Logic Communications
  • Form builder
  • iEmail which provides integration between outlook and iMIS, allowing you to capture more touchpoints for member engagement.
  • iImport is a valuable tool for importing excel lists into iMIS
  • Higher Logic Communities- an integrated online community solution enabling ongoing, meaningful interaction between members demonstrating the value to the individual of accessing the wisdom of the collective.
  • A group deal has also been reached for payment processing, substantially reducing bank direct debit and credit card fees.