The Hub Network

Union leaders want to achieve growth and have greater impact. They know digital and other innovation is essential. They know transforming their unions alone is tough and expensive.
The Hub provides the opportunity to get together, find better solutions, help each other, be encouraged and supported.

Hub Meetings

The Hub has regular meetings where ideas and future projects can be discussed and new solutions found.

The Hub works closely with other parts of the ACTU committed to innovation, training and networking. Hub participants also ask questions and share resources on our online community, The Network.

Access to professionals

The Hub has identified a range of professionals and contractors to assist unions in areas such as:

  • Research to define what potential members and members need and want
  • Member satisfaction surveys
  • Communication and branding assessment and strategy
  • User experience
  • Strategy and change management

Contract us to be provided with contacts.

Unions currently participating in the Hub and utilising iMIS